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10/03 Festival of Lights at Hikage Base Area

On Saturday 10th March at 7pm, Nozawa Snow Resort will hold the 'Festival of Lights' at the Hikage base. 

The area will be transformed with a candle and lantern display on the beginner slopes and a purpose built snow stage in the centre of the base area that will host a variety of performances. Starting with a large game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', prizes will be on offer to winning members of the audience! Afterwards, fire dancers will perform an exciting spectacle with a variety of flaming instruments before the crowd will move to the base of the Hikage Quad slope.


Under bright floodlights, our ski school will then showcase the progression of skiing technique and equipment from the 1900's up until modern day, demonstrating on the piste how different skis were used throughout the years. Finally the lights will dim and a long line of our torch bearing instructors will snake down the mountain, culminating in a big fireworks display under the night sky.


After the ceremony the grooming machines will park by the beginner area for you to sit in and take pictures! See below for images of last year's event.


Come and join us for an enjoyable event that promises to be great fun! 




Festival of Light 2017_16.jpg
Festival of Light 2017_14.jpgFestival of Light 2017_15.jpgFestival of Light 2017_1.jpg

Top area is now open

March 2nd 10:00am
Nagasaka gondola, Uenotaira quad lift, Yamabiko quad lift & Yamabiko quad is now open!

Top of mountain area is temporary closed

March 2nd. 8:55am
Nagasaka gondola, Uenotaira quad lift, Yamabiko quad lift & Yamabiko No.2 quad lift is temporary suspended due to strong wind.

Apologize for inconvenience. 

Burton Snowboard 2019 Model

Burton Snowboard Test Ride Tour in Hikage area!

1st test ride tour of Burton Snowboard in this season.
It's chance to ride the 2018-2019 model snowboard before anyone else!!

Term:  Feb. 10th & Feb.11th
Place: Hikage area(Next to the Hikage gondola)
Time:  9:00am~15:00pm

Please Note! It must need the ID for rental the new model. TestRideLogo.gif

Early open in this weekend

In this long weekend 10th,11th,&12th we will open 30min earlier!

Nagasaka Gondola 8:10am~
Hikage Gondola      8:10am~
Bottom area's lifts   8:00am~
U Road                   8:00am~
Shinyu pair lift        8:00am~

Ticket center          7:30am~
Rental shop(Salomon station) 7:30~
Shop                7:30~

Night Ski in Nagasaka!

In this weekend, Nagasaka night skiing will open two days!
In this long weekend, Nagasaka night skiing will open 10th sat. & 11th sun!
Please enjoy the fantastic night ski field.

Price: Adult¥1,600  Child¥850

Time: 17:00~20:00

"MIO" & "Tochigi YUZU" sampling in Yamabiko

We will have sampling of "MIO" (sparkling sake) & "Tochigi Yuzu" (Citrus flavor sho-chu) in Yamabiko top station.

Date: Feb 11th
Time: 11:00~

We also sale these product in Rest house Yamabiko.
"MIO" ¥500
"Tochigi Yuzu" ¥450

Please try the new Japanese taste sake and sho-chu in this time!

"SNOW DAY" You can get the season pass!

We always thanks to the "SNOW" which is the gift from the nature. That why we establish "SNOW DAY" in every 4th Sun. of Feb,  
Chance to win the 18-19 season pass!

Entry regulation
*Who bought the 1day or more lift ticket in 24th or 25th of Feb. 2018
*Application period: Feb.24th & 25th
*Fill the entry form when you purchase the lift ticket. 
Entry box is located at ticket center in Nagasaka Gondola & Hikage information center
Please note, it must be same name with entry person & winner of  season pass.

Gari Gari Kun(ice cream) give away!

We will have Free ice cream give away in above date at Hikage area!
Japanese traditional ice cream "Gari Gari Kun" is back!!

Date: Feb.17th, Feb. 18th, March 3rd, and March 4th
Time: 13:30pm~
Place: Hikage area

*Limited give away! Please join us and have an ice cream on the ski field! 

Nozawa Onsen Dosojin Fire Festival - (Hi Matsuri)

13.1 Log Drag 10.jpg

If you're in town this week then you will definitely notice some interesting things happening that are part of Nozawa's own Dosojin Fire Festival (Hi Matsuri).

Today we already witnessed the 25 and 42 year old men of the town dragging logs down the mountain to the Hikage base area. Amongst constant chanting and singing, local groups and businesses then presented the villagers with many bottles of sake. These trees were then carried into town where they will be used to build the large multi-storey wooden shrine, the centrepiece of the festival's activities.

Keep an eye out for any toru towers that will pop up around town, these are beautifully decorated and donated by families that have recently given birth in the last year or two. 

On the evening of Monday 15th January things will start to kick off from around 19:00 and culminate in adults from the village attacking the shrine with burning sticks at around 21:00, it's not something to be missed! There will also be fireworks and a ceremonial burning of the shrine at the end of the night.

The location of the festival is just down the hill from the main street past Juntos, the Mexican restaurant, and to the right hand side. It will be relatively easy to find the location on the evening, as there will be crowds heading in that direction.

* A reminder that the Fire Festival is a privilege and an amazing experience to witness but visitors must remember to be respectful of the local people and their traditions. Specifically, only receive alcohol if you are offered it and avoid pestering the town members given that it is theirs to enjoy * 

The people in the village are very generous and want to make it a safe and incredible experience. Don't drink too much and prepare for a cold night, as there is a good amount of standing around.

Here are some photos from today and last year's festival:

13.1 Log Drag 9. jpg
13.1 Log Drag 16.jpg
13.1 Log Drag 26.jpg
Fire Festival 24.jpg
Fire Festival 28.jpg
Fire Festival 18.jpg
Fire Festival 18.2.jpg

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